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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 27, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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tense hours onboard a delta flight. the plane locked down, after anner gent medical alert, about a passenger's symptoms. fear of monkeypox that put quarantine on the runway. this taking place over a little league game. massive hail across the south. going viral. the couple celebrating the catch. while the 3-year-old next to them left with nothing. this morning, meet the boy who has america crying foul. ♪ momma mia family jam. this rockin' dad's morning routine that has everyone singing along right now. we'll introduce you to the family that has you singing on your way to work.
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♪ just got to get out just got to get right ♪ ♪ out of here and the drumroll. the whole gang is right here. >> good morning. >> and, robin, boy. you have had quite a 24 hours. my count, 7,000 miles. >> it was worth it. it was so worth it. on the west coast, got back just a couple hours ago. and we will reveal everything next week. >> can't say a word right now. a little secret for next week. >> to clarify, are we talking one day, round-trip? >> i was here. >> was here yesterday. >> if you recall. >> i do recall. >> or maybe not.
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>> okay. >> i would not miss this. and we have a lot to get to. that john edwards' trial, really heating up. his former aide, andrew young, now his chief accuser. and he is getting grilled. he made an admission that he siphoned off some of the funds to build his own dreamhouse. this is getting complicated. and it looks like a scary home invasion. but it is really a boyfriend's idea of a prank on his girlfriend. he is called the worst boyfriend in america. we're going to hear from the couple, joining us to set the record straight. they're here with us this morning. our tv reunion blowout. it's the big finale, "one day at a time." josh and i sat down with them. we have a lot of news. josh, everyone on high alert because of the first anniversary of bin laden's death. >> breaking news, where we're going to begin.
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three men under arrest, accused of planning a terrorist attack. the officials say they were in the process of planning a terrorist attack. as news warrants, we will bring it to you. those arrests come as security here in the united states is being heightened. intelligence officials are concerned that al qaeda may be planning an attack around the anniversary of osama bin laden's death last week. officials insist there's no credible threat of an imminent attack. and new information on a health scare that placed people on a plane in chicago, under quarantine for years. abc's alex perez joins us, now, with the very latest. good morning to you, alex. >> reporter: josh, good morning. the confusion began when one concerned woman called the hospital with a few questions. he said two, key words that got
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investigators in a panic. africa and monkeypox. nearly two hours of tense confusion for passengers aboard delta flight 3163, just after touchdown at midway airport. >> breaking news tonight. a medical emergency. >> passengers were kept inside the plane. >> quarantine at midway airport. >> reporter: tony was onboard that flight. what did you hear the pilot say? >> we were quarantined. >> reporter: within minutes of landing, investigators in protective suits were onboard. >> all i could think of was the movie "outbreak." >> reporter: the cause of the quarantine? passenger lise sievers. she said she got an unusual rash after spending time with children that also had a rash. zeever's mother called the cdc, fearing the rash could have been monkeypox. >> they would have had to track down everyone on the flight.
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see where they were, who was at risk and who needed a vaccine. very difficult to do. >> reporter: fearing the outbreak, the cdc ordered the plane and its passengers stopped and examined seivers. it turns out that rash may have just been bug bites. >> alex, in chicago. thank you for that. a new development in the trayvon martin case this morning. the lawyer for trayvon martin, is accusing shooter george zimmerman, for misleading the court. at issue, $200,000 that zimmerman has received online for his defense. the lawyer says they never disclosed that money. a hearing is scheduled for today. finally, a massive drug bust in the caribbean. u.s. customs officials seized nearly 2 1/2 tons of cocaine from smugglers off of panama who, as you can see here, threw the drugs in the water as they were being caught.
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the street value of the drugs, some $362 million. >> wow. that's a big one. josh, thanks. now, to the high-stakes john edwards' trial. he faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted of using campaign funds to cover up the affair and child he had with rielle hunter. yesterday, his lawyers unleashed a furious cross-examination on his former close aide, who is now the prosecution star witness. abc's bob woodruff has been on this case from the start. >> reporter: it is a stunning admission by the government's key witness, andrew young. after three months on the run with rielle hunter. >> let me zoom in on that belly. >> reporter: young told jurors late thursday, he began double-dipping into the cash that came from two wealthy supporters. money the prosecution has said was used to cover up the edwards' affair. >> do you think this is the biggest blow to his credibility? >> oh, yes. i would be surprised if the jury credits anything he has to say.
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>> reporter: in an exchange devastating to the prosecution, young admitted he submitted $200,000 of expenses to one of the donors, without telling him the bills had already been paid by money from another. were you trying to suggest that you were in the hole for this $200,000, edwards' defense lawyer asked. i think that is fair to say, young replied. in reality, young poured much of that cash into the construction of this dream home he was building in north carolina. we lost our perspective, young testified. the house got more and more extravagant. >> sometimes as a prosecutor, we say you don't find swans in the sewer. this guy was a swan. there's no question about it. and he showed it. >> reporter: edwards' defense lawyers aren't done with young yet. the cross-examination will continue today, as they try to derail the government's case before it even gets off the ground. for "good morning america," bob woodruff, abc news, greensboro, north carolina. we're going to bring in "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams, now.
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the cross-examination he's going under right now, andrew young. how effective has it been? >> we have lots to work with here. young is conceding he's falsifying financial records. he's using some of the money to build up his own home. to build a swimming pool, et cetera. that doesn't look good for andrew young. on the other hand, andrew young is not the one on trial here. it is john edwards. and so, the question remains, did john edwards really not know about any of this money? the defense is saying, john edwards is clueless. this is all about andrew young. and i think the jurors, who, by the way, at times weren't paying that close attention, according to courtroom observers after a while, may be saying, what about john edwards? >> what about rielle hunter? will we see here on the stand? >> i expect she'll testify. we don't know what she knew. what did she know about the dollars that were going to fuel her lifestyle? >> we have to know if a crime was committed. what we're hearing is off the charts. but still to prove that a crime
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was committed. >> john edwards had to have known about it. exactly that this money was coming in and what was happening with it. >> have a good weekend, dan. now, to politics. "your voice, your vote." and the race for the white house heating up this week over the issue of cool. romney supporters are pouncing on the president for his pop culture plays. and the president is fighting back saying, he was coolest when it counted most. abc's jake tapper has the story. >> reporter: there was on late-night, slow jamming the news. >> potus stands for president of the united states. ♪ he's the potus with the mostest ♪ >> reporter: he was at three universities, berating the opposition. >> what are you talking about? >> reporter: president obama is pu perceived as cool, which helps him. the president destroys mitt romney on who seems like the more friendly and likable
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person. ♪ i >> reporter: republicans are trying to make obama's cool -- ♪ so in love with you >> reporter: uncool. the independent group started by karl rove, is running this web ad. arguing that smoothness means little when the economy is rough. the republican national committee has the same argument, contrasting a romney speech with the obama comedy. this isn't new. >> he's the biggest celebrity in the world. >> reporter: the mccain campaign four years ago tried to mock obama as a celebrity but not much else. to limited effect. >> jake, the campaign responding just a few minutes ago, with a new video, trying to capitalize on president obama's decision to take out osama bin laden. >> reporter: that's right, george. they're contrasting president obama's decision, his coolness under fire, if you will. with a quote from romney saying,
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from 2007, saying, it's not worth moving heaven and earth and spending billions of dollars to try to track down one man. that one man being bin laden. very stark suggestion from the obama campaign is under a president romney, osama bin laden would still be alive, george. >> and they haven't always been close. but president clinton, the lead character witness there. >> reporter: it's a good character witness, considering the tension that has existed between president obama and former president clinton. but he's the one saying, you don't know how tough this decision is until you're in that chair. >> jake tapper, thanks very much. george, now to the story sparking outrage across the country. the woman who tried to collect $10 million from a debt collector, turned the tables by reporting the collector's outrageous calls. abc's elisabeth leamy has that story. [ knocking ] >> reporter: i'm elisabeth leamy with abc news. these are the scenes. >> you have to leave.
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>> reporter: that have america talking. can i ask somebody about the $10 million judgment against the company? anybody want to comment? >> no. >> reporter: what kind of person brought this on? >> i'm a mom. i'm a housewive. and an accidental activist. >> reporter: diana may was debt-free. so, she was shocked when a collector with a company called rfa, left a message implying her house would be seized if she didn't pay a debt. >> they are in the process of serving court documents. >> reporter: that wasn't the worst call. a man called diana and made sexual threats, so explicit that we can't repeat them. >> i couldn't imagine you could threaten to assault somebody in that many different ways. >> reporter: but the caller didn't know who he was messing with. you see, diana records all of her phone calls, ever since tangling with an obnoxious telemarketer years ago. >> you know what's very interesting? speak up a little clearer because you're on tape.
7:13 am
>> yay. >> reporter: the chilling words prompted adjudge to award diana a staggering $10,086,000. >> i don't know if i'll collect a dime. but if i can get their operation shut down, that would make me very happy. >> reporter: we went to rfa, and other collection companies owned by the people named in diana's lawsuit. are you going to claim -- that they lost the lawsuit? the company's outside lawyer didn't want to talk, either. we thought you would like to respond now. >> we're responding now. >> reporter: okay. later, the lawyer did speak to us off-camera and told us that the company considers the $10 million judgment unfair. he says the company did make the first collection call but denies making the second. diana mey is now suing the owners personally, to try to collect. >> waiting on her money. all right, elisabeth. to the story of one little boy whose trip to the ballpark has turned him, now, into a,
7:14 am
however teary, overnight superstar, all started with a ball tossed by a player into the crowd, that the couple next to him wouldn't give up. we're going to hear from the 3-year-old and his parents. but first, let's take a look. who could forget this? on thursday, we showed you the moment when 3-year-old cameron shores lost out on a ball thrown by a player. >> oh, my god. they can't give it to the kid? that's awful. >> reporter: and it seemed to just keep getting worse. as the happy woman who actually caught the ball, posed for pictures with her prize. >> they're rubbing it in the kid's face. >> reporter: after all the uproar around america, the couple say they never even noticed cameron. and certainly never meant to steal a ball from a little kid. >> there's not a person that knows us that wouldn't agree, that we would have given the ball to the child. >> reporter: this morning, i spoke with cameron and his parents, crystal and kyle.
7:15 am
in the moment, you see the ball coming towards you. did you think it was intended for cameron? >> it was coming. cameron's been in that seat before and received a ball. so, the expectation was, when we were heading down that way, he hoped to get a ball that day. >> the couple that caught the ball, sitting next to you, appeared they were being insensitive to cameron, who was crying. what did you make of the couple's reaction? >> it looked worse than it was. we talked to them for a while. they were very nice. they were talking about hitting the ball. we don't think they did it on purpose, that it was intentional or anything like that. >> all right. we have a surprise for cameron, we want to tell him right now. the rangers have seen this. and, boy, they felt his pain in the moment. they want cameron to know, they are going to be giving him a jersey and a ball signed by each and every texas ranger. and we want you guys to tell him right now. >> wow.
7:16 am
hey, buddy. the texas rangers are going to give you a ball signed by every texas ranger. isn't that cool? >> wow. >> you can get a -- >> what? >> where are they? >> it's on its way. i promise. i have combed this videotape. sean leonard and shannon moore, the couple next to them, i really don't think they knew. they may have heard the crying. but i don't think they knew. it ends happily for everyone involved. they were vilified for a moment. but they're getting married tomorrow. congratulations. >> happiness all around. >> and everybody wins. everybody wins. happy friday to you, sam. >> happy friday, everyone. that is a good news friday story. let's show you pictures from incredible day yesterday. violent severe weather throughout the south. look at this video. if you're standing in a ballpark in franklin, tennessee, and you see what appears to be a large, swirling wall cloud over the area, there can't be much more
7:17 am
frightening than that. the umpire had folks off the field. winds picked up the scoreboard and knocked it around. more than 150 severe storm reports during the day yesterday. here's where we light up the skies today. in the red zone, topeka, tulsa, springfield. joplin.
7:18 am
>> all of america's weather, including who has a frosty morning, when we come back. george? >> sam, thank you. it is a big weekend for prince william and kate. their first wedding anniversary sunday. and cameras caught the couple gushing over a baby. you know what that started. all kinds of buzz about when a royal heir will be coming. nick watt has all the details from london. >> reporter: because we've noticed everywhere they go, that coo over kids. yesterday, kate was all over a 3-week-old little fella called
7:19 am
hugo. his dad later described her eyes as doting. william had a go. solid technique. at the premiere of disney's "african cats" they were all over the kids. up on the screen, a cheetah with her cubs. but still, no sign of them producing a cub of their own. when kate passed on the peanuts, she's pregnant, we all cried. six months later, still, no bump. that's not very royal. they're usually rather -- charles and william both born within a year of their mommas walking down the aisle. >> there may well be an announcement of a pregnancy later in the year. but it is the queen's diamond jubilee year. >> reporter: since the wedding, it's increasingly embarrassing how much kate and wills overshadow their seniors. we're marveling at kate cutting through london gloom, umbrellaed by her prince. the queen bandied about today,
7:20 am
do we care? not much. charles and camilla? i'm not sure where they are. this pair, top of the tree. >> when i look at their popularity in america, it's in a different vein. kate is on the cover of numerous magazines. >> reporter: the palace insists she's a duchess, not a princess. princess kate, that's her handle. and she wears it well. can you imagine the hullabaloo when and if she actually has a baby. the baby fashions, the early awkward chubby face. i'm hyperventilating just thinking about it. coming up, police releasing a new picture of the missing north carolina soldier. is it the last picture of the 23-year-old before she vanished? and is this man the worth boyfriend in the world? [ screaming ] ♪ ♪ and i never thought i'd feel this way ♪
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good morning, everyone. it is friday, we made it to the end of the week and it's going to be a nice day outside. right now the temperature in arnold is at 48 degrees. 46 in colombia. 45 right now in westminster. and the winds around these areas are on the light side, but we have been getting gusts up to about 30 miles an hour. the sustained winds will pick up as we go throughout the day and so will those gusts. let me take you outside right now. we're going into glen oak where we started off with plenty of sunshine, a few clouds trying to work their way in here.
7:27 am
that's going to be the scenario as we go into gaithersburg as well. still ample sunshine to be had. we'll deal with a few clouds passing across the area. this is what it looks like hour by hour for today. by lunchtime right around 59 degrees, 62 by 4:00 p.m. some sun and clouds mix and we did stay dry. sheree. >> thanks, lynette. washington national cathedral will resume tours of its unique stone carving starting this weekend. the cathedral suspended the tours after an earthquake last august that damaged the building. repairs are expected to take two years. tours will begin again on sunday at 2:00 in the afternoon. if you were planning on seeing a movie this weekend, you may have to change your plans. the theater is is closing today for renovations. according to baltimore business journal, the north baltimore landmark will close for six to nine months. the renovation project includes adding three new screens, new seats and a wine bar. and the maryland live casino will have its live opening on june 6th.
7:28 am
the state's largest casino will initially open with 3200 slot machines. it will also have an entertainment venue and nationally-acclaimed restaurants. we'll have a weather and traffic update coming up in about 30 minutes. let's head back to "good morning america." have a great day.
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♪ i see a little silloueto of a man ♪ ♪ scaramouche, scaramouche
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will you do the fandango ♪ ♪ thunderbolt and lightning very, very frightening me ♪ now, this is a cool dad, taking his kids to school. some rockin' morning drive. he's jamming with his three kids. to queen. on the way to school. we're going to talk to them in just a bit. >> a little harmony going on. >> i like the kid in the car seat. >> he's trying to keep up. doing his thing. also, deion sanders. this is something. he's breaking his silence for the first time since he had the big fight with his wife in their dallas megamansion. that landed her in jail. he's been charged by the police. we'll have the latest on that. >> we will. and this looks like a terrifying home invasion, right? [ screaming ] >> it's actually a prank that this guy played on his girlfriend. some are saying, come on. he's got to be the worst boyfriend in america for doing
7:31 am
that. >> her worst fear. but he's smiling there. >> we'll talk to the couple just ahead and find out if they're still together. we had the competition going on all week long. >> we did. it was a terrible idea. the anchors' challenge "play of the day." there they are. all four of them. well well-represented. we have a winner. and his name rhymes with -- >> i'm thinking it's me. i'm just thinking it's me. >> very confident. very confident. we begin with the story of the missing north carolina soldier, kelli bordeaux. police have released what could be the last picture of her before she disappeared. and now, bordeaux's husband is speaking out for the first time. abc's linsey davis is here with that. >> reporter: good morning, george. officials say all the evidence they've collected in the case so far keeps leading them back to the same place. and that's where we saw a huge outpouring of support from the community yesterday.
7:32 am
and also, heard from kelli's husband for the first time. police won't say how they got it but are now releasing this picture of kelli bordeaux, taken by bordeaux herself, just before heading out to this fayetteville bar the night she disappeared. it's now been two weeks since anyone's seen the 24-year-old ft. bra ft. bragg combat vet. now, her husband is speaking out. michael bordeaux said he hasn't seen his wife for ten days before she vanished. he denies they were estranged. saying he was visiting his father in florida. >> we were married. we love each other. we love each other a lot. >> reporter: but this man, nicholas holbert, was the last person to see bordeaux, at froggy bottoms on april 14th, before he says he dropped her off in front of her apartment complex. he says, when he asked her if
7:33 am
she was married, she said it's complicated. police have not called holbert a person of interest. on thursday, police and more than 500 volunteers were back out in force. scouring the area between the bar and the last area her cell phone pinged. >> this is an area of concentration. >> reporter: this morning, bordeaux's family is holding out hope. >> i love you. and i can't wait to see you. please come home. >> reporter: police are now reinterviewing people who saw her at the club the night she disappeared. and they're also telling searchers to be on the lookout for her cell phone. that might give some indication on what happened. >> okay, linsey. thanks very much. >> so sad. all right. no now, to the latest on nfl superstar deion sanders and the feud with his wife, pilar.
7:34 am
sanders is speaking out for the first time since the charges. ryan owens has their story. >> reporter: sports superstar, deion sanders, flanked by two of his young sons, denies he assaulted their mother. he spoke to the celebrity website, tmz. >> i never did that stuff. that's not me. >> reporter: he says he hasn't been back to the 29,000 square-foot megamansion north of dallas, where police say he and his estranged wife, pilar, got into a fight this last week, that led to misdemeanors. >> i didn't do it. >> reporter: apparently not for pilar. in december, dieon filed for divorce, after years of marriage that was chronicled on television. the couple has been living together in domestic discord. she already sued him twice. and on monday, police believe pilar and a friend broke into
7:35 am
sanders' room where the assault allegedly happened. pilar spent a night in jail. but is now out and tearfully proclaiming her innocence. >> i understand i have very little chance at beating a hall of fame, two-sport man that everyone seems to love and adore. >> reporter: dieon whose nickname is primetime, brought the dispute in a public way. >> the first thing you hear and you think somebody was abused. >> reporter: a judge has ordered pilar to stay away from the couple's mansion, to avoid anymore battles in this "war of the roses." for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. coming up on 7:36 now. let's get back over to sam. >> something you don't want to see when you look out your window is this on your car. yeah. all those little marks, dents.
7:36 am
that is a tough one. it really is. more than 100 hail reports yesterday without the deep south. all because of this strong cold front that brought the very chilly air this morning. minneapolis, at 37 degrees. below that, we're going to catch a little bit of the cooler, drier air swinging into the east coast. i'll tell you where it's beautiful this morning. it was so sloppy in california for the week, you'll see some nice days. the sun is beautiful. sacramento at 73. san francisco, you're 63. 67 in l.a. in the desert southwest, it's cool and comfortable. a beautiful day. >> what time is it? it's time for the "gma" pollen report. high levels of pollen across a
7:37 am
lot of the country. if you're reaching for the tissues in oklahoma and parts of texas, it's all because of the high levels of grass pollen there. and you can find out the pollen levels right to your neighborhood, practically right to your house, by going to on yahoo! >> thank you, sam. coming up, the home invasion prank that scared this guy's girlfriend to tears. we're going to talk to them all. you weigh in, george. some places i go really aggravate my allergies. so i get claritin clear. ♪ i can see clearly now the rain is gone ♪ look! see that? this is all bayberry, and bayberry pollen is very allergenic. non-drowsy claritin relieves my worst symptoms for 24 hours... you guys doing good? ... including itchy eyes, runny nose, and sneezing. and only claritin is proven to keep me as alert and focused
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back, now, with a man we are calling the world's worst boyfriend. he's sitting next to me. but look at him, now, suiting up to sneak into his girlfriend's apartment as a thief, which is her worst fear. now, look at the reaction he got. a little more than he counted on. we're with them all live in just a minute. we'll watch a little more of that video first. george is our candidate for worst boyfriend ever. thanks to this video, he posted online. >> i snuck into my girlfriend's apartment. i'm waiting for her and her sisters to come back home from work. once they get back here, i'll be wearing this mask. and i'm going to be carrying their tv and their laptop in my
7:42 am
hand, acting like i'm robbing the place. we'll see how it goes. >> reporter: an hour later, they come home and freak out. [ screaming ] >> reporter: george is loving it. and he follows the ladies outside to get all their grief on tape. >> it's only me. >> reporter: it sure looks like forgiveness won't come easy. how did they work it out? here to tell us all about it, is george, the world's best girlfriend and her sisters. thank you for coming in. what were you thinking? >> i was bored one day. >> bored. >> what's the biggest fear?
7:43 am
got a mask and pulled the prank. >> you're still giggling about it. you know that he does pranks all the time. >> yes. >> you had no suspicions at all? >> well, i didn't know that was the prank he would put on me. but i knew at some point, he would do one on me. >> you knew at some point. >> yeah. >> it was coming? >> yeah. >> camilla, you clearly did not. you were really crying. >> yeah. i was not expecting him to do that to me. like, he knows that i am so scared off by finding someone in your house. yeah. i was terrified. >> well, you actually kept your cool. but you started to hit -- i hope we have it. you actually started to hit george at some -- there it is. you were going to fight for your friend. >> i was so mad. >> it also -- i think we have it here. this did not necessarily bring out the best in all of you, forgive me for saying that.
7:44 am
but i want to see if we have it right there. i think at some point, you're hitting george at one point. but then, you're pushing your friends out of the way to get to -- we don't have it? okay. there we are. banging away at him. and i'm taking care of myself. so, when you collected yourself, how long did it take to forgive george? >> well, when i see george coming out of the apartment or whatever, i started to die laughing because i was like, oh, my god. he got me. you know? but after wshds, my sister started crying a lot and she got really sad. i thought that was something mean that he did. >> you had to do sweet talking, george. >> did you get a gift out of it? >> no. >> are you kidding me? >> not yet. >> i think you've got a big one coming to you. are you ready for it?
7:45 am
>> i think so. i keep watching my back. i'm paranoid a little bit, actually. >> thank you for sharing your story. it's a fun video. i'm glad you all recovered and are smiling. have a great trip to new york. when we come back, our first-ever anchors' choice "play of the day." only josh knows who won. [ girl ] when i started playing soccer, i wasn't so good. [ barks ] so me and sadie started practicing. we practiced a lot. now i've got some moves! [ crowd cheering ] spin kick! whoo-hoo! [ giggling ] [ announcer ] we know how important your dog is to your whole family. so help keep him strong and healthy with purina dog chow. because you're not just a family. you're a dog family. with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card, we earn more cash back for the things we buy most. 1% cash back everywhere, every time. 2% on groceries.
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7:49 am
here's "the play of the day." >> oh, it's been a great week, seeing how tough i've got it every morning. 45 past the hour. it's been anchors' choice week here on "play of the day." let's quickly recap, as we do have a winner. first, it was george. started us off. >> yeah. >> arguably, good. >> good, sam? >> ping-pong in recorded. it might still be going on. then, robin brought us, well, a craze sweeping the intrawebs,
7:50 am
lion kinging. although, the lack of an actual lion there. oh. >> lara has -- the dog, storm. there's lara. that's nice. >> sam is talking right now. >> sam, with the parking. >> this is genius, ladies and gentlemen. >> not so smart. >> we have a winner. millions voted. there can be only one. the winner is -- drumroll. >> i'd like to thank the academy. >> sam, the winner is george. >> no. no. okay. >> there you go. >> well done. >> it's all right. >> oh, wow. >> really, george? really? >> let me see how it feels. that's awesome.
7:51 am
congratulations. >> congratulations. wow. >> you know, i got home last night. and elliott was voting for sam and said i wasn't going to win. [ applause ] the capital one cash rewards card
7:52 am
7:53 am
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7:55 am
7:56 am
good morning, everyone. it is friday, and it is windy out there as of now. we can see the winds out of the northwest at about five to 15 miles an hour in a lot of spots this morning. these are your sustained winds. and we look in easton, 17 mile per hour sustained wind there, 12 in d.c., nine in baltimore right now. and hagerstown coming in right around 12 mile per hour sustained winds. we've been having custs up to about 30 miles per hour and that will continue into the afternoon. now, we do feel a little bit chillier because of those winds. it feels more like 44 in baltimore and also easton. feels like 40 degrees now in york and 39 in hagerstown. this is what it looks like outside in talson this morning. and, yes, we do see a few clouds trying to stream in across the area. we did get some sunshine in there as well. that will be the scenario as we go through the remainder of the afternoon and also manchester
7:57 am
started out nicely, nice and clear with lots of sunshine, but a few clouds trying to move into the area as of now. but it's not like it's going to block out the sun totally. now, what we're looking at at this weather pattern with high pressure building in for today. that's what's going to be providing us with the sunshine. and then this area of low pressure, this cold front has moved through the area earlier this morning, changing the wind direction to the northwest, but the difference between the two, that's why we're dealing with the windy conditions for today. now, future trend not picking up on a whole lot as of now, but we will start to see that wet weather work its way in here saturday afternoon. do whatever you need to do in the morning saturday or wait until sunday afternoon once that rain gets out of here basically sunday morning. our hour-by-hour forecast today looks like this, 62 degrees, windy conditions once again. and if you're heading for the game tonight, first pitch 7:05 with a temperature coming in right around 55 degrees. the winds out of the northwest about 10 to 15.
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:00 am
there they have. ♪ good morning, america. d.j. irie is here. he's the official deejay for the miami heat. he's spinning for us to get us set for the weekend, as we say happy friday, once again. i wish you could see our young staffers. >> let's get emily back on camera. come on, emily. >> come on. >> there you go. there you go. oh. >> i wish you all could see. there's dancing here. a lot of dancing going on, here. >> the camera crew is running over each other trying to find them. >> we have a lot more of that coming up. >> here on club "gma."
8:01 am
there you see right there, "one day at a time." talking about their days. it's such a fantastic, groundbreaking show. looking forward to seeing them back together again, in just a little bit. >> it's exhausting, this deejay friday business. it is hard to believe. it's been a year since will and kate got married. the duchess has become a worldwide fashion sensation. we'll show you how to get her signature looks for less. we've been showing you the family that rocks out on the morning drive to school. the dad and three kids, jamming out. ♪ >> that looks like us. >> just like us. we're going to meet the family. >> we have the green screen going. >> that would have been fun. congratulations, george.
8:02 am
>> thank you. >> sam, you finished second. and we have an equally big trophy for you. >> before -- as we do this. let's take one more look at your "play of the day." >> really? >> you would have gotten the trophy. >> that would have won, by the way. >> george, your trophy is like here. the number two, boy, there's a big step down. >> do you have anything to say to the people? >> i'd like to say thank you. thank you, all of you, for making this possible. >> like darth vader. luke. get us to the news there, josh. >> switching gears. >> 8 or 12 gears shifted here. we're going to begin with a developing story this morning. three men under arrest in europe. they stand accused of plotting a terrorist attack. they were arrested in denmark. police there found automatic weapons and ammunition. they're not releasing any other details about the alleged plot.
8:03 am
meanwhile, here in the u.s., you may notice more security at the airport or the train station. homeland security is concerned al qaeda may try to pull off an attack around the one-year anniversary of the killing of osama bin laden. we're getting word of an ev evacuation at the airport in minneapolis. a terminal has been evacuated after screeners detected possible explosives in a piece of luggage. the terminal evacuated while officers check it out. a new revelation in the trayvon martin case. it turns out the shooter, george zimmerman, has raised some $200,000 online to pay for legal fees. the martin family is furious, saying he never disclosed that at his bail hearing last week and should therefore be taken back to jail. if you have kids in college, you may want to watch this today. congress is expected to vote on a bill that would prevent interest rates from student
8:04 am
loans doubling on july 1st. one problem. democrats and republicans can't agree how to pay for it. airfares are taking off again. especially on international flights. a new survey finds that prices are almost 20% higher than just two years ago. and two army paratroopers in seattle may have to endure a little hazing from their fellow soldiers. they ended up stuck in a tree after a routine jump. firefighters had to come and pluck them to safety. they were both okay. paratroopers are based at a nearby army base. they are, again, both okay. guys? >> no such thing as a routine jump, right? >> no. they're fine. >> that's good. >> that's a good jump. "pop news" now. >> let's do it. good morning, everybody. she is one of hollywood's favorites, in front of and behind the camera. now, drew barrymore is following in the footsteps of francis ford coppola, by making an award winning wine.
8:05 am
she is behind barrymore pino grigrio. it's won a gold medal. it will be on sale in new york very soon. how does it taste? i don't know. but my guess is, we will find out. >> and you have lively citrus notes, as well, lara spencer. >> very true. >> thank you. >> just saying. >> stop flirting with me. our good friend, nancy grace, her debut novel, "11th victim" will come out soon on lifetime as a movie. we know who will be playing nancy. it's jennie garth. she will play atlanta assistant d.a., haley dean, based loosely on nancy's career. she gets the killer convicted. and he comes back to haunt her down. nancy is a producer on the movie. no word on who will be cast in the role of dan abrams. >> how about dan abrams. >> the man could play himself.
8:06 am
he does every day. >> that's nice, lara. i like that. a "top gun" sequel has taken flight. executives at paramount confirming to "the hollywood reporter" that the project -- work it, deejay. that the sequel is in preproduction. and tom cruise is about ready to sign a deal to play maverick once again. this has been since 1986, you guys. >> wow. >> that's when the movie burned up the box office. and we know that mr. cruise is a busy man. also, a fifth installment of "mission impossible" in the works. >> get out. >> yeah. heading towards the danger zone now, people. >> quarter century. that's what you try to do here at "pop news"? >> that's what i do. finally, evil animals for you. we found these shots online. thank you, deejay. doesn't this dog look like he's plotting something. and this cat looks sinister. we found a couple more online we
8:07 am
thought we would share with you. doesn't it look like he is saying -- doesn't he? and the evil puppy. do we have one more? oh, yeah. >> ooh. >> that is scary. >> do not mess with that owl. that's "pop news," everybody. thank you, deejay. >> thank you, lara. sam, how about weather? >> i'm looking around at the signs. this is amazing this morning. it is fantastic. the artwork is phenomenal. young lady, tell me your name. >> my name is verona. >> where are you from? >> i'm from michigan. >> you know what i'm asking you this question? >> why? >> because you have on flip-flops. it's a little too chili. great toes, by the way. but i mean, what were you thinking? >> i was, like, oh, flip-flops. good idea. >> well, not yet. but later on today, we'll warm it up a little bit. let's get to the boards. we'll show you one or two things going on this morning we want to tell you about. we'll start with a live shot
8:08 am
from dallas. wfaa knows everything to know about dallas. i'll see you there on thursday next week. dallas is warming up to 90 on saturday. orlando, going up, as well. orlando, 90 degrees. there, flip-flops would be perfect there. >> when you take time to make your own shirts, you get a little shoutout. dover, new hampshire, we thank you for being here.
8:09 am
oh, lara? >> thank you, sam. we do thank them and you. here's a look at what we have coming up on our "gma morning menu." you hear that? the cost of "one day at a time" together again. it's our tv reunion blowout. and it's the finale. don't miss it. also ahead, kate's looks for less. we have her signature style. but we've got them at great deals. and a family that's turned into a huge internet sensation, rockin' out on the way to school. we'll talk with them about that coming up. and finally, d.j. irie is here. bring it. come groove with us on "good morning america."
8:10 am
8:11 am
♪ everybody likes to get a bonus. get more free during the petsmart big brands bonus sale! save up to 30% on petsafe® bark control, fencing and training products, right now... pestmart®.
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live claritin clear.
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♪ this is it this is it ♪ come on, now. it is one of the catchiest tv theme songs ever. everything goes so well. sometimes it works. sometimes it doesn't. honestly, this is one of the great shows back in the '70s. "one day at a time." we caught up with the spectacular cast at the tvland awards as they were honored with the innovator award. and it's easy to see why. take a look. ♪ this is it this is it ♪ >> reporter: "one day at a time" gave an anthem for a generation, grappling with difficult issues never discussed on television. >> it has to be better having two relatively sane separate parents than a mismatch set of screaming mayhem. >> reporter: on this year's tvland awards, the cast received an emotional standing ovation.
8:15 am
and then, sat down with us. bonnie franklin was groundbreaking as divorced mom, an romano. >> we better get this all out in the open. you see, i'm not married. >> mackenzie phillips played julie, the rebellious older daughter. >> everything is hip-hip hooray because he made the basketball team. >> reporter: valerie bertinelli was barbara, the younger sister. >> i'm the only kid i know who has to go to confession and make up sins. >> while pat harrington joined the cast as the lovable super, schneid schneider. >> the ladies in this building don't call me super for nothing. >> reporter: richard masur and glenn scarpelli rounded out the cast. >> we've never been together like this. >> divorce was against everything i was taught. but i knew i had to do it. >> what were parents saying to
8:16 am
you? >> the truth of the matter was, we were reflecting what was out there. it just had not been on television before. >> i guess it's been a long time since you had a man sleep over, huh? >> no. >> all of the heavyweight subjects, things that are really important. but the lucky part is we had this one. >> i have a splitting headache. and i haven't been out of this apartment all day. >> i was a blank slate. and he taught me how to be funny, didn't you? >> yep. >> barbara, you're looking more like your mother every day. >> he really did. he would tell me the jokes. i think i'm still telling jokes that you taught me 30-some-odd years ago. >> something that the ladies are all fighting over, it's a whisper silent flush valve for your can. >> they were easy to be with. they were so bright, the three of them. they were so bright. >> is it wrong to be in bed with a man? >> yeah.
8:17 am
>> reporter: the dynamic between the mother and two daughters on the show was so fantastic. tell me what it was like behind the scenes? >> it happened right away. i don't think there was any question. >> i love you, mom. but i've got to grow up. >> you didn't say you love me. >> i love you. >> i love you, too. >> reporter: you had one daughter who was, you know, the goody girl. and the other daughter who was the rebel. and the mother who was trying to wrangle them both into some semblance of behaving. >> barbara, i spend my whole life working twice as hard to get half the attention. >> half of it? you're going to get all of it screaming. >> you're a very nice girl. >> i don't want to be a nice girl. i want to be like julie. >> reporter: like the polar opposite sisters they played, mackenzie and valley had two different paths. >> what was going on behind the scenes was more dangerous than what was going on in front of the cameras. >> reporter: a lot going on behind the scenes.
8:18 am
>> there was a lot going on behind the scenes. >> not for me. >> reporter: mackenzie, the daughter of the momma and the papa's, battled addiction. >> when someone's doing that to themselves, they're in a lot of pain. >> my story is no different than any other kid going through addiction issues all across the world. >> reporter: yours is a little different. >> but the feeling is the same. >> reporter: it got so bad, she was fired from the show twice. >> either i run my life, or i don't come back. >> don't come back. >> reporter: did you fight for her to come back? how did that happen? >> i did not fight for her to come back. >> they're not going to keep putting money in her pocket to go out and kill herself. >> reporter: while mackenzie fought her addictions, valerie was becoming a teen sensation. did you see it?
8:19 am
>> i made the team. i really did. i'm the only girl on the team. >> she's a wonderful, young woman. so, yeah. >> i feel blobly. i think i'm sick. >> do you want to lie down? >> valerie's a testament of what you can happen if you have the proper parenting behind you. >> my job wasn't anymore important than my brothers' football practice. they were all the same. >> reporter: you must be proud of value with her success on the new show. >> what should we do now? >> i say we go to the bar where the men think we're hot. >> i'll drive. >> to have this chance again, at this age, i feel incredibly grateful. >> so proud of you. >> you made the most of your chance. i mean, you did. ♪ one day at a time so, up on your feet ♪ ♪ up on your feet somewhere there's music playing ♪ >> reporter: that remained the heart of the show's message, making the most of whatever life
8:20 am
throws your way. >> i did 20 episodes of the show. and they still stop me on the street about it. >> i still get people coming up to me saying, that show saved my life. i knew i wasn't the only one. >> stick with me, huh? we'll make it. i promise. ♪ one day at a time >> that cast, along with the cast of "murphy brown," "in living color," "laverne & shirley," four different experiences. but what a night it was. everything that's changed but everything stayed the same. >> i forgot how real that show was. >> they tackled tough issues. >> and norman lear, they give a shout out to norman lear. >> great to see how tight they still are. you can see more on the tvland awards sunday on tvland. i will not sing the song anymore. i will throw to robin. who is outside. it's nice and warm inside.
8:21 am
yeah. we're still warm out here, too. kate's been setting fashion trends all year. the rebecca taylor jacket she just wore, selling out here in the u.s., 30 minutes after the pictures popped up. how can you dress for less? our own kate, kate dimmock, the fashion director of "people style watch." you're going to show us the styles. >> i will. >> and she was a big hit when she went on the north american tour. >> the tour in canada, we saw her spreading her fashion wings, if you will. and we saw some great looks that time. >> what's the first look we're going to see? >> first, we have -- this is a dress she wore in canada. this was a great look on kate. this is one of her favorite designers, esa, the purple dress. exactly. the color's amazing. but such a great silhouette for kate's figure. but it's a universally
8:22 am
plattering dress. this is tinley road, for 24.95. you can have kate's look for 25 bucks. >> thank you very much. i love the faux engagement ring you have. and this yellow dress, which she also wore in canada, too. >> exactly. we have becca here. this is an amazing dress that kate wore from jenny packam. this looked amazing on her. and she wore her signature nude pumps. kate dresses in what we call universally flattering styles. we have becca here in our version from h&m for $29. we found great nude pumps and have the whole look for you. >> the first two dresses, both under $30. >> exactly. and taking our version of the infamous engagement ring for
8:23 am
$39, fantasy jewelry box. >> thank you, becca. thank you very much. now, we see another look. >> this is a dress she wore to buckingham palace. this is a gorgeous dress. it's from joseph, one of kate's favorite designers. we found this dress on the outnet, a great resource. this is from crumpet. it's $186. but it's kashmcashmere. and kate herself is a big discount shopper. >> she does. >> yes, she does. that's what's great about her. she is shrewd in her choices. >> wonderful. i love it. that's great. thank you. ladies and gentlemen, don't mind -- these jeans are so hot. >> i know. >> these are selling out. >> her jeans were from jay brand. and this is kate showing us, dressed down, she looks so polished. the great navy blazer. superclassic look.
8:24 am
she chose dark denim, which looks more pulled together. and she added that ruffle blouse. and comfortable wedges, which looks like she can walk around. now, we have lauren in a head-to-toe look for $120. her jeans are from levi's. and her jacket is from forever 21. you can get kate's look without blowing the bank. >> wonderful, thank you. i love that. is that it? have everybody come out. >> we have one more. we do, indeed. now, we have -- >> that's the engagement dress. >> this is also esa. and this dress was what she wore when she had her camming out. and it was really the first time we took in her style. and so, esa, great for her. really great for anyone. we found this updated version on
8:25 am
theoutnet. it's spring-friendly. >> and you get all of the details on these looks at on yahoo! and can i tell you something? while we were trying to concentrate, we were having a deal with these two dancing in the window. george, please take it. george? >> i hear you, robin. they were dancing. we're going to move to dog versus dog. we were getting ready to kick off our competition on monday. first, look at last year's winners and some of the leading contenders for next week's championship. ♪ remember ruben, the scooter-driving cattle dog. how about hallie, the self-taught yorkie poo. >> where are your keys? >> and the reigning champ, gabe, the rocking horse-riding bulldog.
8:26 am
well, dog v. dog is back. and the competition is already tough. from arber the four-legged picasso. to marlo, who takes fetching to a new depth. can your dog do better? you have just over 24 hours to submit your video at on yahoo! d.j. irie for deejay friday. ♪ ♪
8:27 am
good morning, everyone. it is friday and we made it through the week. and we start out with some sunshine a little bit earlier this morning. a few clouds trying to stream in. i'm going to show you that in just a second. that cold front sliced through the area a little earlier this morning. 46 degrees in iamsville, 48 in joppa and also arnold. the winds still the big scenario for today. sustained winds five to 10 miles per hour with gusts up to 25 to 30 miles per hour. that will continue into that -- until that area of low pressure slides off the coast. let's head outside because in baltimore right now we are looking at mainly clear skies and then we start to see a few clouds work their way into the area. we will be seeing more of that as we head into annapolis this morning as well, saw plenty of sunshine along the seven river things looking pretty good. now we do see some clouds out there. that will be the scenario as we go throughout the day with the sun/cloud mix. sheree. >> thanks, lynette. police are searching for a dirt back rider who hit a 6- year-old boy in baltimore. it happened across the street
8:28 am
from the brooklyn homes apartments wednesday night. the boy is still in the hospital this morning. the biker stopped after hitting him but eventually rode off. if you have any information, you're encouraged to call local police. doctors at the cdc say that two people who died earlier this year in if calbert county were infected with mrsa. it happened in march, fers an 81-year-old woman came down with a respiratory illness. three of her children who cared for her developed similar symptoms. the woman and two of her children died. we all know now they had the flu, but only two had mrsa. if you have a lot of unwanted or prescribed prescription drugs cluttering up your medicine cabinet, get rid of them this weekend. the drug enforcement administration is holding its annual takeback day. we'll have more weather coming up in about a half an hour. now back to "good morning america." have a great day.
8:29 am
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] welcome back, everyone. wonderful to have d.j. irie spinning, us into our weekend. ♪ sam is so happy. >> so happy. >> d.j. irie is the official deejay for the miami heat. he's worked for robert downey jr., shaq, lebron james. i think he knows how to get a party started. thank you. next, something really special. another big party coming up. >> it's dueling signs. dueling signs. >> the exclusive. i can't get josh to stop dancing. >> george is talking about ca
8:31 am
carrie underwood, please. >> a big concert event. going to sing. >> she has been wonderful to our program. it's wonderful to have carrie. she brings it each and every time. looking forward to her. the answer is yes. >> thank you. >> also, the party continues. the biggest one in vegas, "dancing with the stars" live in las vegas. it's a huge extravaganza, with all of your ballroom favorites. cameron mathison has the backstage pass for all. as if that wasn't enough, some of the biggest female stars on the planet, opening up about their very private lives. and i'm talking like you've never heard them before. amanda is with us live with a sneak peek. >> he is right there. right there. right there. can you see me now? >> i'm right behind him.
8:32 am
>> all right. but first, "bohemian rhapsody" like you've never heard it before. ♪ i see a little silloueto of a man ♪ ♪ scaramouche, scaramouche will you do the fandango ♪ ♪ thunderbolt and lightning very very frightening me ♪ ♪ galileo, galileo galileo figaro magnifico ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> on the drive to school. that's the coolest dad in the world. 6-year-old zoe. 7-year-old skylar. and callum, 3-year-old in the car seat. we welcome all of you. tell us, dad, how did this all start? >> it was just something that we started doing on the way to school in the morning.
8:33 am
it was very cute. they learned all the words in about a week. so, i thought, i have to show this to some of our friends. >> nice choice, dad. "bohemian rhapsody." that's hard rock. were there softer rock songs? how was the choice made? >> i got burned out on kidz bop. i thought they needed the education in the classics. >> the wiggles, as much as we love them, they get old. >> hard to dance to. >> i know we don't like to ask children to perform on command. but i kind of want to. >> we really need to hear it again. can we hear it? >> is there a chance? >> we can try. you want to try to do it? ♪ scaramouche, scaramouche will you do the fandango ♪ ♪ thunderbolt and lightning very very frightening me ♪ ♪ galileo, galileo galileo figaro magnifico ♪
8:34 am
♪ i'm just a poor boy nobody loves me ♪ ♪ he's just a poor boy from a poor family ♪ >> oh. >> we love callum. >> oh, callum. that is fantastic. >> my kids would not do that. that was awesome. >> which song's coming up next? >> yeah. what do we have next? >> i don't know. we're taking requests. >> all right. on yahoo! we need asks. also on twitter and facebook. we need requests for the family. they'll come back and sing us. down there in marietta, georgia. now, sam, explain to the people why it's so cold. >> just a little chill. but look how gorgeous that sky is. the hottest deejay in miami. how about a little at the turntable. we're making him jump.
8:35 am
it's hardly fair. oh, no. that's awesome. that's even better. oh. all right. this is tough. but we're going to get through it. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning, we want you to know about. how about a shot of riverside, california. some michigan. gorgeous skies. here's one of two likely storms that will pop up during the day today. that red zone on your local abc stations for what will likely be a repeat of the hail situation we had yesterday. here's your weekend fly-by, because everybody deserves to look at it without leaving your chair. we move the map for you. warming up and rain-free on the west coast. that's what i'm talking about.
8:36 am
♪ >> oh, we're back. who is that? lara? all that weather was brought to you by party city. i think it's george. george? >> yeah. i can barely hear you. they threw it to me. i'm with marisol nichols from abc's hot new comedy, "gcb." she plays heather cruz. take a look. >> we have to cheer our husbands on at the big game. i'm sorry, heather. i only have enough foam fingers for the wives. and i don't see a ring on yours yet. >> a plus one for a church charity. >> you can support our team. just not as one of us. >> you would be a fool to miss barbecue competition. it's full of successful men. and we know you're dying to get
8:37 am
your meathooks into a rich one. >> i'm not that shallow. >> heather, darling, you let me know when your marital status changes, and i'll be more than happy to give you the finger. >> you're the nice one? >> that's how i like to describe her. she's the most down-to-earth one. >> what is it about the show? it does seem to be catching on. what do you think it is? >> honestly, right now, with what's going on in the world and our economy and everything, i think people just want to watch something that's fun and silly and entertaining and can make you laugh. >> and bring you right back to high school. were you a mean girl in high school? >> i started out as a girl in junior high, that didn't have anywhere to sit and hoped people would be nice to me. i swear to god. and freshman year hit. and i became that girl in the corner that was wearing all black and thinks she's a badass and making mistakes.
8:38 am
blowing off school. the one you didn't want your daughter to hang out with. >> you did have kind of a rough experience. and you're putting that experience to work. >> i had that wonderful project called power to change. it's all about changing yourself from the inside-out. it's a great contest that they're putting on. women logon and they write an essay with what they would do to make positive changes in their lives or someone else's. >> that's fantastic. in the meantime, you're having fun on the show. a big switch with your fashion. drama and now comedy. >> it's different acting chops and getting used to different things. but i'm really enjoying it. >> we're enjoying it, too. >> thank you. >> "gcb" is on abc sundays at 10:00, 9:00 central. coming up, "dancing with the stars" live from las vegas. ♪
8:39 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] it is deejay friday with d.j. irie. and hopefully where you are, you're dancing along with us. and there's rave reviews for "dancing with the stars" live in las vegas. it is a perfect place to showcase the glitz, the glamour of abc's smash hit. and cameron mathison has a front-row seat and is going to tell us all about it. good morning, cam. >> good morning. i have to tell you, i love deejay fridays. i'm almost asleep when i show up here. and i see you guys and i'm wide awake. this show is packed full of fan-favorite dances from seasons past, as well as really hot, thrilling new numbers. you have to check it out. here's a sneak peek. they're back.
8:43 am
some of your favorite celebrities from "dancing with the stars" are dusting off their dance shoes, twirling their way on to the ballroom floor again. and they haven't lost a step. they're shaking their stuff in a new "dancing with the stars" live theater event in las vegas. 80 minute jam-packed of all the fancy footwork we've come to love from the tv version. plus, a big dose of vegas fun. there's fire, sequins, skin and feathers. lots and lots of feathers. >> do you like my cap? >> reporter: i stopped by to rehearsal to say hello. >> oh, my man. man sandwich, "good morning america." >> reporter: come on. hi. look at you. hi, how are you? >> hello. >> you're like the veteran here. you were in season two. >> don't call me a veteran.
8:44 am
>> reporter: you were in season two. you danced with maks when he was a rookie on "dancing with the stars." he had long hair. he wasn't like the bad boy that we know now, right? >> i danced with maks when he was worse than he is now. >> really? no. >> this is disgusting. we can't. >> hello, news flash. i'm like, the star that doesn't dance. >> reporter: the vegas star is a mix of old and new. some stars reprize familiar dances. you reunited with your partner? >> me and laci. >> reporter: others are busting out with new ones. ♪ this live extravaganza has one big difference from its tv version. there's none of this. >> sabrina and mark. >> we get to be here for 12
8:45 am
weeks. >> reporter: with the pressure off, these stars are just dancing for the love of it. and they're not just having a ball on the dance floor. >> how dare you take my boas. >> reporter: everyone was having so much fun, they helped me get my groove back. >> oh, you look so good. >> reporter: in your freestyle, you did the warm. do you remember doing that? ♪ can you teach it to me. >> listen, you've come to the right person. push up with your hands. unteachable. >> i couldn't roll my way into that move. oh, boy. >> yay. >> reporter: okay. i pulled my groin. i may have a little work to do on my tango. but it's clear, these stars have all the right moves. i still got it. i still got it. yes. the number one feedback from
8:46 am
people that have seen this show and from people that are actually in the show is, are you ready for this? carson ishysterical. of course, he is. if you can't make can check ou version, mondays, 8:00, 7:00 central. >> you said you still got it. honey, you never lost it. you never lost it. always had it. have a great, great weekend. >> i'm working out here. >> we'll get to vegas and we'll see you. we have a great crowd here. coming up, private talk goes public with some of hollywood's hottest stars. like you've never seen them before. ♪ [ male announcer ] does your cable company keep charging you more... and more... and more? stop paying so much for second best. upgrade to verizon fios tv, internet and phone
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♪ d.j. irie.
8:49 am
>> i got you, man. >> celebrate deejay friday here on "good morning america." while you boys rock out, we will get over here and have some great female conversation because some of the planet's hottest women are really opening up in a provocative, new show, revealing what they really think about very private topics. it's called a conversation with amanda de cadenet. and it's produced by demi moore. we're going to talk to amanda in a couple minutes. but look at some of these extraordinary conversations. lifetime's new series, "the conversation" captures some of the biggest stars as you've never heard them before. >> after your dad passed, did you feel an urgency to create your own family? >> there's a part of me that felt, that my dad -- when my dad was alive, i didn't really need to find the right man because i had him. >> reporter: demi moore
8:50 am
executive produces, along with host and friend, amanda de cadenet, who interviews her celebrity guests in her own home. with an intimacy that inspires personal and sometimes painful revelations. >> i've had loss. i've had enormous loss. nobody should have to lose a child. it's unfathomable. but i'm here to say that you can get through it. you can -- you can live again. you can want to live again. >> really emotional conversation. amanda de cadenet joins us now. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me, early in the morning. >> i know. needless to say we haven't noticed that as we rock out here. >> oh, my gosh. it's like a party going on. i love it. >> it's a little bit of a party, too, in your house, with this show, "the conversation." there's an air of comfort and authenticity, in these conversations, hence the name.
8:51 am
how did the show come about? >> i couldn't find program in the media that but showing women authentically. it was just snippets and sound bytes. all of it saying that the role models i were looking to, had it all down. that women were having babies, losing baby weight right away. where are the women like me who are struggling with managing all of this? i had twins. i was trying to manage a career and my relationship. and i couldn't find anywhere that could give me guidance or role models i could look to. >> meanwhile, you get some of the biggest women in hollywood to open up to problems. i was fascinated by portia de rossi, talking about her weight issues. >> really, the conversation addressed all of the universal issues that women deal with. at some point in your life as a woman, you're going to be addressing certain challenges. i wanted to look at body image. and the media's participation
8:52 am
and promoting a set kind of ideal. and who made that ideal? you know? we all subscribe to it. looking a certain way is what we have to do. and it's just not true. and a lot of people are suffering behind this ideal. so, i'm saying, let's talk about it. let's get the subjects out in the open. it's not be uncomfortable, talking about the reality of sexuality. of body image. of relationships, parents. you know, these things that most women imagine. >> i do want to ask you before we go, you're executive producing this with demi moore, a dear, old friend. >> yes. >> might we see her being interviewed about all these been through in the past year? >> if we do another series, demi will be sitting on the couch that she has been working behind for a while. >> really? >> sure. absolutely. >> she's ready to talk. >> we've created a very safe space for women to speak. i think whenever she's ready,
8:53 am
that will be the couch. >> we know who she will call. and i can see why the show is so special. everybody should check out "the conversation," with amanda de cadenet. it airs on lifetime. and we'll be right back with, who? [ male announcer ] does your cable company keep charging you more...
8:54 am
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we're going old-school, for d.j. irie. have a good weekend, everybody. ♪ good morning, everyone. happy friday to you. we are windy this morning. we can see the winds out of the west at about 13 miles an hour now in baltimore. 17 out of the northwest in easton and 14 out of the northwest in york. 16 in fredrick and also we're looking at 14 in hagerstown. so with that we do have a wind chill.
8:57 am
it feels a little bit colder, so instead of the 50, your actual temperature in baltimore, feeling more like 45 degrees right now. feeling more like 44 and 40 in hagerstown, fredrick and also york. winchester feels like 38 degrees right now. look at the beautiful sunrise this morning in chesapeake beach this morning. we see a few clouds trying to stream in across the area and we're also looking at more of the same in urbana. we started out with a little bit more cloud cover there and now they're getting more sunshine. as we go throughout the day, we'll continue to have this sun/cloud mix mixing into the area. we did have this cold front that tra versed the area earlier today. the area of low pressure, the difference of the high pressure is what's making the windy conditions for today. things will settle down a bit as we go through the evening and tomorrow as we will begin a new system approaching from the west. and what this is going to do is bring more wet weather, much needed wet weather to the area as we go into saturday afternoon. get those errands done early in the morning because we will be needing that rain gear.
8:58 am
then you can put the rain gear away as we head into sunday afternoon because we will begin to clear out nicely as high pressure builds back into the area. for today, though, i'm going with low 60s, upper 50s, but feeling a little bit chillier than that. here's a check of that seven- day forecast for you as we will be much cooler on saturday, temperature right around 56 degrees. drying out as we head into sunday and monday. have a wonderful weekend, everyone.
8:59 am
>> time never stops! but the signs of aging can. >> it's all about


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